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Samsung S8 making random beeping sound.

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Hello. looking to see if someone can help me with an issue ive been having for quite some time now and was hoping that an update would fix the issue, but sadly it has only gotten worse.



my phone AND my wifes phones are making random beeping sound. The sound that is makes is the same sound if you press the volume rocker once.

it makes the sound everytime after i get a notification, and sometimes when im watching snapchats or on instagram when im watching someones feed. as soon as it goes to the next snap or video AUTOMATICALLY it makes the beep.


Phone Model: SM-G950W

Android Version: 7.0

Experience Version: 8.1


Developer mode is OFF

phone is up to date with updates. 


if anyone knows anything please elt me know!. id really prefer NOT to wipe my phone. 


Mine is the samsung galaxy a50s and its been beeping very randomly without any notification. I've tried turning off the NFC , I've turned off the notification reminder but it's still beeping and it's getting very annoying . Please help 

It is off . Still beeps
I have been trying to find the problem for HOURS! I've deleted most of my apps before coming across your comment.. Thankyou!!

Thanks. I have my bank card in my cover and it drove me crazy. Now resolved


That you!! I just did a setting reset and messing around I must have turned this off. My phone making so many noises and new things not coming in it was driving me crazy..

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