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Samsung s8 led case

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As with many other people my s8 case has stopped working. Resetting the device, turning on nfc, playing silly buggers with all the settings does not work. What are my next steps? Has any eu member managed to fix this or get in contact with Samsung? 

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Hi Calum, I spent most of the day trying to sort mine today. Like everyone else my led display has stopped working, even though the on off/open close function works fine.

Ive basically been told tough. Either buy a new one or deal with it. There is no fix, it doesnt have a battery in the case either as its powered by the nfc. This is what support have told me today.

if yours is less than a year old,and you have the receipt, take it back to that retailer for a swap.


Not the answer we all want as i feel its an oreo bug

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