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Samsung s8 internal storage

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I have just taken delivery of a new S8 and love it, the only problem is that 52gb of the internal memory has already been used! I have pics and videos set to save to an external as card so the internal memory is only really hosting the operating system and a few apps (Facebook etc, no games).


Surely this can't be right? Has anyone else had this issues or recommend a solution? I have used the samsung device management tool and it wiped off about 200mb of cached images at but I can't find where the other 50gb of data is being used! V frustrating!


Thanks in advance!




My wife had the same problem. 

Here is solution :

1) download app DiscUsage from google play

2) use app and check which files are too big

3) in my wife's phone was "VisionProvider" - 45GB - it's connected with... Bixby :face-with-tears-of-joy:

4) find in SYSTEM app Vision Provider  (or similar - i did it few days ago and i dont remeber exactly)

5) delete cache and data

6) enjoy free space :face-with-tears-of-joy:

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