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Samsung s8 camera problem

(Topic created on: 20/11/17 02:05)
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So, when i go to my front camere while its dark, a colour start to apear and changes into another colour intil all the rainbows colours have been shown and it will just keep going until i turn my cam off.. its very anoying bc it ruins pictures. How can i fix it?

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Superuser I
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There are a couple of troubleshooting options you can try @Elise98


First ensure no case or screen protector is hindering the lens. 


Try clearing the cache and data of the camera app. 


“Try a hardware test: go over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests.
Front Camera: Select Front Cam, align your phone and tap to take a photo. Review the quality of the photo and let us know the results. You can then tap the screen to return to the LCD test screen.
Back Camera: Select Mega Cam. Align your phone and tap the ‘capture’ icon to take a photo. Verify that the flash works during this as well. Review the photo and let us know the results.
Let me know if your cameras focus correctly in this mode. If they do, then it highlights a software issue, if not, then I'd recommend popping into a Service Location to have your phones looked at by a trusty engineer at a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location. “


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