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Samsung S7 thinks battery is empty...

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I recently started having an intermittent issuse with my S7. Essentially one moment I will be using my phone then it will just be off and won't respond to any input. It is somewhat similar to using a desktop PC (no battery) and turning off the mains power. That is the phone doesn't do anything odd to indicate it is having some sort of problem, it just instantly turns off.


The only way for me to fix it is to plug it into a charger. At which point it shows a empty battery graphic (not 100% sure), then quickly goes to a charging graphic where the battery % goes up quickly from 0% to whatever it was before it crashed. For example today it 'crashed' with around 94% battery charge. It showed 0% when I plugged it in but went back up to 94% in a matter of seconds.


Once it 'crashes' it does not respond to any button presses, as though it has no power at all. Then as I said once I connect it to a charger for a moment it seems to reset it back to normal.


The battery doesn't hold as much charge as it used to but it isn't terrible and I had planned on using it for some time.


Is this issue common? I struggled to find a single case of the same thing happening. Any ideas what to do?


This sounds very strange, @kinetic-! Is the software on your phone up to date? Go to Apps > Settings > About device > Software update. Also, let's try a soft reset on the phone. This will end all processes and give the phone a fresh start. To do this, press and hold the 'Power' and 'Volume Down' buttons until the phone restarts. 


Let us know if this makes any difference.

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My S7 Edge has a similar problem, latest software installed. When unplugged it thinks it has no battery and shuts down. When plugged again, the battery indicator goes up from 0 to whatever it really is, like ninety something percent, in around 1 second.


I have the same problem on my S6. It started a few weeks ago. A Gear S3 is linked to the phone.

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