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Samsung s7 freezing and overheating, reset but now won't switch on or respond to charger

(Topic created on: 30-05-2020 09:30 AM)
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Hello, hoping someone might be able to help! I love my s7, it's been a loyal friend for years but over the last few weeks it kept freezing, then restarting itself. Last week it got stuck on and didn't reboot itself, but the battery was almost fully charged so it just got hotter and hotter with the screen on. To kick it out of whatever it was doing, I held down the power button and vol down button as per guides on here. It then wouldn't start at all or respond to a charger. Thinking it may be the battery, I bought a new Samsung battery and followed video instructions to replace it. The old one looks like it's blown as its lumpy but the new one charges and powers up just fine. But then when it starts, it keeps rebooting every few mins. I have tried deleting all pictures, documents and all but WhatsApp and viber because I want to back up messages (some being from late family members) as I've bought a new phone already just so I can do my job. It is due a software upgrade, but clicking on upgrade does nothing. Keyboard isn't loading and I can't seem to switch it on from the settings menu. Play store just freezes on the loading screen. So then it froze again (86% battery at this point) and once again I tried to restart it and now yet again it won't switch on or respond to charger. Its completely dead again despite the battery being pretty full. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could get it up and running even if just for enough time to get my WhatsApp messages off it? (I didn't realise it wasn't backing them up at 2am automatically anymore) 


Most a times, the reason why this happens is because of too much loads, low storage capacity, low Ram etc. To help keep your smartphone run without issues, you have got to constantly Optimize and clear some certain things. Speed Up and boost mobile phones today. At this point in time, you have got to take the phone to technician who can rightly solve the issue. But never forget to boost your mobile phone always. Regards 

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It looks like that the previous battery may have permanently damaged some logic board components probably the nand controller or ram chips... not much you can do except try try and try. And it may never give you enough time to backup