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Samsung S7 Edge - Stuck in a boot-loop.

(Topic created on: 30-04-2017 09:52 PM)

Hi all!

My Samsung S7 Edge is stuck in a bootloop. It previously would get to various stages in the reboot cycle but this most recent occurence of the device crashing is the worst yet. 

The device is stuck turning itself on and off. I have tried restarting in 'Safe Mode' but the phone will not respond to the actions and continues in the rebooting/crashing/rebooting cycle. The reboot never gets beyond the first Samsung welcome page you get when you normally turn the phone on.

I have tried to access the menu that gives you the options to 'reboot' and 'clear cache' etc but i get a 'No Command' screen with a dead android and an exclammation mark. I have tried the various button combinations to try and get past this screen but nothing works. 

The phone does not power off. 

My phone is not seen by my computer when it is connected but it does light up my charger, indicating i hope that it is responding to a charge, though leaving it on charge makes the device way too hot.

The only other menu is the one to install custom OS but i don't want to do that so i leave that screen alone! Just select the restart option.

This problem has happened before but this most recent epidsode has made my phone feel too hot for comfort, irritatingly unresponsive and just plain useless. It has been in a bootloop now for over eight hours. 

Hoping i can find some help from the wider samsung community!

Many thanks

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I had the same problem.  Two important things that I figured out that saved my phone, which no one talks about is the following:


When you're doing this, you don't want your phone plugged in.  what I mean.. if you get to the screen that lets you choose shutdown, it wont shutdown if the phone it plugged in.  In fact if you do shut it down and plug in a cord, the loop starts up again.


The second thing, which was key to making my phone work again.. when you get into the recovery menu.  first "Wipe  Cache Partition" then "Run Graphics Test".   If this doesn't work for you try it again and run the "Run Graphics Test a few times in a row. 


The first time I did it it worked.  Eventually (after 1-3 hours), the phone crashed again.  I figured out that I had to run the "run Graphics Test" a few times in a row without restarting for it to work again.  I hope this helps people.  It sure helped me when I figured it out.  I transfered my data onto a new phone right away.


I recommend that you get your data off as fast as possible. 

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Good Afternoon all. So I've seen a lot of people stating that there S7 edge gets stuck in reboot loop when it goes to the Samsung logo and over heats. I saw a post from 30th April 2017 of the person describing exactly the same thing. They said that it was the motherboard in the end and and they took it to a Samsung shop to be fixed and they replaced the motherboard. Does anyone know roughly how much this would cost? Just to also add that I have tried all the suggestions above and still the same.
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I put my phone in the freezer for 24 hours then plugged it in, it successfully finished downloading the update. Just throwing this out there as I couldn't find an answer online anywhere.