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Samsung S6 Nougat Update

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When will unlocked samsung s6 get the nougat update?

I purchased my unlocked samsung s6 a few months ago, initially I was very pleased however, now it has been over a month since nougat was released for the s6 and I still haven't got it. I thought unlocked devices got the update first but it appears vodaphone users have already got the update.


I am very disappointed, for such a big company, Samsung are terrible at updating their devices.


Does anyone know of a way I can force the update? I have tried Smart Switch and had no luck and I don't want to brick my phone by using Odin.


If there isn't a way to get the update, does anyone know how long I might have to wait to recive it?


Nothing apart from rooting and flashing unfortunatly.  With the luck I'm having with my mobile phone I'll flash it to Android 7 and the official software will come out miniutes later.


I'll tell you now and save you from alot of trouble I've already had myself.  Noone from Samsung will tell you anything of use.  And if you think they are, they're lying.  Got a reply from SamsungUK support on twitter telling me that it's rolling out whereas everyone with an s6 (Yourself included) hasen't got it.  On other sites, people have said that live chat staff have simply gotten bored of lying about saying the update is coming and just saying "We don't know.  Development teams dont tell us anything.  We have to rely on news from the internet unfortunatly." which really does explain alot about the usefulnes of Live chats and emails.  The reason that there is such a dely in your asking and an answer is because these people simply google the answer if it isn't obvious and list you all of the possible soloutions.


Looking up the news yourself will do you no good, everything for the last 5 months has been a lie or misunderstanding from the news reporters.  The day it comes out will be the day you get it.  Any "Coming out in batches" is simply a fabrication to make you wait for the non-existant update since they have no information.  Every update that I've ever recieved has been recieved by people online the very same day, and apple don't have to lie about this because they own all of their phones running IoS, it comes out instantly.


All you can do is wait, check for updates every day, and hope.

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