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samsung s6 getting wet

(Topic created on: 03-09-2017 08:48 PM)
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 samsung s6 got wet tonight.  Gutted.  Ive placed it in rice.   Should i be worried or is the advert right


Hi sorry to hear about your S6 getting wet the rice idea is good but it sounds like it pot really wet 

Once you have taken it out of the rice a good way to see if the water got inside is to see if the sensor as tripped just inside the SIM tray on the left if you are holding with the screen facing up  

I have heard of people dabbing a cottom bud VERY gently in the charging port as well but I think the rice will have taken care of that hope it tums back on if I was in your position I would leave it over night just to be sure Screenshot_20170903-210552.png







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Turn it off @sarah8 and place it somewhere warm like an airing cupboard. 

The rice will help to draw out moisture. 


What type of water was it i.e Salt water , pool water or tap water / rain ?


If the water sensor is tripped then the Manufacturing Warranty would be voided. 


Even if it hasn't tripped an engineer can still tell if water has been inside the phone so would still void the warranty. 


Also from my experience the issue can be that if all dries out ok and the phone works issues could still exist in the near future as the internals can furr up / corrode. 


If this does unfortunately occur then you could look to insurance cover from places such as Home Contents Insurance Cover and some Bank Accounts offer mobile phone cover as a perk of the Bank Account. T&C's and excess fee's would need to be checked. 


Fingers crossed for you that it works to see you through to your next phone. 


Top tip > Look at future phones with a spec with Ip68 Water Ratings etc.  


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