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Samsung S10 suddenly keyboard hide half of the screen that doesn't slide up:

(Topic created on: 11-08-2020 08:11 PM)
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when I try to edit a post or make a new post on IG, i push on the text, the keyboard open and cover the text behind. Suddenly I don't know why the screen doesn't slide up when the keyboard appears. I have samsung S10, I tried to re-update instagram, I can't uninstall it completely because is embedded on S10. I tried to empy all the caches: Ig, keyboards, and so on. I tried to force the arrest of keyboards and ID, I tried to install google keyboards, same pb... very annoying...
Thanks in advance


20200811_195743 (1).jpgScreenshot_20200811-195649_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20200811-195654_Instagram.jpg