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Samsung Profile Sharing Incorrect number


Hi All,


I recently switched mobile providers and ported my number in. After the port was complete, everything was working fine. However the samsung profile sharing in the contacts app still shows the temporary number, and there is no way to change this. I found this link however its no good to me since I no longer have access to this number. Looking around other people have also had this issue, one guy said a factory reset fixed the issue, but im just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and knows of another solution to the problem.






How do you get to the "verify" button that you clicked on in the first step of your instructions?


I've read through the postings and am still unsure how to fix my phone number issue. I successfully transferred my old number over to my new provider but my Samsung Galaxy A71 is still showing the original SIM card number in  'My Profile'. When I contacted Samsung they advised that this would correct itself after a few hours!! I noted that someone has successfully dealt with this but I can't find 'verify' on my phone to start the process. Has anyone else been successful in finding this and if so, where is it? Any other tips would be most welcome. Many thanks.


Got same issue with new s10 ported today, outgoing calls are from correct number and received txts are sent to correct number, however texts sent still come from old number.


After having this problem from s6 to s9 I actually gave up and bought a iPhone XS Max .


I have this exact same problem. I have just spent 2 hours trawling this thread and trying everything. No joy.


where is this verify button?

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SOLUTION (for EE SIM cards):


Find someone with an iPhone (either unlocked or locked to EE). Take your SIM out of your Samsung phone, put it in the iPhone and power back on. Go to Settings, Phone and you'll see the incorrect number. YOU CAN EDIT THIS ON AN IPHONE. So go ahead, edit it, making sure you enter the number in international format, e.g. +44 7123 456789. Save and exit the settings menu. Power down the iPhone and put the SIM back in your Samsung phone and hey presto, it will be correct in the about menu.

IMPORTANT (if you want to remain friends with your iPhone owning friend):

After you do this, the iPhone might associate your friend's Apple ID with YOUR phone number. To resolve this, once you have put the original SIM card back in the iPhone, go into settings, click messages and check the sender ID settings towards the bottom of the list. If it is not correct then turn off iMessage. Then restart the iPhone. Then turn iMessage back on and it should re-associate with the correct number.

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@reena3539 would you let us know how you got to the verify bit. many thanks
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