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Samsung Notes PC/Evernote Sync, missing features

(Topic created on: 07-04-2018 10:21 PM)
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I recently purchased my Galaxy Note 8 (coming from a Galaxy Note 5 with SNote installed), only to find out that SNote has been replaced with a subpar Application called "Samsung Notes".


Besides all the missing features (like zooming in and out of a page, Easy Charts and inserting PDFs for annotation) there are no options to sync up my Notes and Screen-off memos a desktop computer. 

Switching to the older SNote Application is not an option, since Screen-Off Memos are stored in Samsung Notes by default.


I would greatly appreciate somebody else's opinion on the matter.

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I am on the same boat.. Bought the note 8 just to find that some features I had with an older device were no longer available in the new device.

I had to install an older version of Snote - - and not allowing it to update (if not it will break action memo functionality) to be able to use Snote and Action memo.

Some other features are missing as well as the option to take a memo during a phone call and have that action memo linked with that call (the option "memo" during a call doesn't exist anymore), and the availability to sync the notes with Evernote.. and there are others. There are full forums that discuss this missing features.

I'm just waiting for some other phone to have a pen (mate the Huawei mate pro can have it someday) and I will move on from Samsung.

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Come on Samsung. After all these months we haven't heard a thing about this request.