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Samsung Note 8 - Gallery Ordering & VisionCloudAgent?

(Topic created on: 05-01-2018 07:50 PM)
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I've not had my note 8 very long, and I've got 2 problems that are niggling me. One is because I like things ordered in a specific way in my gallery to make it easier to retrieve pictures. My Edge plus, when I made a new album, would neatly file it away with the other folders alphabetically, because of this I came up with a system to easily access set of folders. (Likes Pets as a general title with the name of each pet for each folder, that way I'd know Lokis folder would be down from Aquilus folder etc, it might say shot, but I take a lot of pictures and having them properly organised helps me out rather than losing stuff that is out of place). 


I transfered my images over to this phone from my old, and it was fine and in order. Until I edited a name of a folder or added a new one. And the always seem to go to the bottom. Or, randomly in a wrong place, like a Pets folder turning up in between 2 People folders. The jumble is driving me bonkers.  I've been looking for a few days to fix it and can't find anything, am I missing something obvious? Or am I doomed to a poorly organised gallery. I hope I'm missing something obvious. 


There is also this Vision Cloud Agent crashing thing that I've also been searching for. This threw up several results which I followed, but none of which actually helped. Like  turning of Samsung Cloud, uninstalling one Strichen, cache cleaning, reboots, etc, it all did nothing. 


I've added some pictures to show what I mean for both issues. Annoyingly in the wrong order.