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Samsung, No Micro SD = I buy another brand

(Topic created on: 30-01-2023 01:21 AM)
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I've had Samsung Smart phones since the Samsung Smart Active.  Every model that does not have a micro SD, I skip. Recently I got another S20 FE to replace my old S20 FE because none of the S21's had a micro SD.  Same for the 22's.

1) Cloud storage is not always available.  Micro SD is.

2) Cloud storage is not under my control.  Micro SD is.  And given the proclivity of companies to randomly ban people, I'm not trusting you are anyone with my backups.

3) No phone offers close to the storage I have with my phone + micro SD and since my work requires a lot of photos and videos, I will categorically not buy a phone without expandable storage.

Your choice.  Make phones with a micro SD (and really it would be nice if you made a phone tough enough to not need a case, like the Smart Active was).  Or I buy another brand.

And there are a LOT of people like me.

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I totally understand and appreciate your viewpoint in regards to storage options @ZiegeBock 

I appreciate some do like and still want a SD Card option.

Personally I prefer buying the largest storage capacity I can afford and then go with online vaults like Samsung Cloud and Dropbox to create backups.

I've had SD Cards fail and corrupt in the past.

I appreciate not all want to go with online vaults.

Will Samsung ever go back to providing a SD card storage option in their flagships ? Who knows but maybe not anytime soon is my personal opinion. 

I wish you well with your future choices.

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I do miss the humble SD card. Though I plug in a card reader into the phone and I can transfer data etc this way
But it's not the same and not as quick I don't think.
Unfortunately it's something that is rapidly disappearing and with Apple going ESIM only in some parts, the SIM card itself will be on the way out.
I just now mostly use cloud backups and the subscription is not that expensive for them either.
Advantage is if I break my device, I can just sign in on another and have all the information.p
I haven't used an SD card in a phone since maybe 2005. I don't buy the largest storage and I use my phone all day every day. There are also a lot of people like me. I'm not sure Samsung will change their business plan to suit one demographic. They will follow market trends and where the money's at.

I agree SD card is crucial. 

1 it's what separate from competitors 

2 it's useful to have for a quick data transfer. 

3 cloud back up is good but what happens if there is no wireless or wifi?

4 you can quickly extend your storage capacity if need be.

5 price. How much is 1TB phone vs 1TB card?

6 oh did I mention provide options to your end user and stand out from competition?