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Samsung M31s is unusable after update

(Topic created on: 24-06-2022 01:57 PM)
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I was prompted to update my Samsung M31S device. Before the update it was a perfectly functional, one-year -old phone, and I loved it!


Right after update it started rebooting every 5 minutes, it rebooted during calls, and it takes 5-10 attempts to start it sometimes. It often freezes too. Once more, the phone was in a perfect condition before the update, and immediately after it it's basically not usable.... I did the factory reset, virus scan, and all the nonsense standard steps (like cache clearing and stuff)... I can't even complete a call. So thanks Samsung for destroying my phone. You owe your customers. Extremely unethical and unprofessional. If the service center says that I have to pay a penny, I make sure that consumer protection will hear about this. The internet is full of your faulty update stories... Also, I will never-ever buy anything from Samsung again, because it looks like that either your work itself or your work-ethics is less then questionable. You gave me a very bitter experience.

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I totally understand and appreciate how this situation would be upsetting for you @Kinga1984 especially as all was OK before the update.

I'm going to suggest different things that you may have already tried so please don't get annoyed with me 🙏

Please ensure all your apps in the Playstore and Galaxy Store are updated.

Phone's nowadays are important in our everyday life's and hold important information so I appreciate you need this resolving.

I too wouldn't be happy either.

I appreciate you've tried some generic troubleshooting guides already without success.

You haven't mentioned Safe Mode.

Can you try this please > turns off downloaded apps and themes etc which may highlight an app or theme that's causing conflict. 

When you cleared the cache files in the system partition dis you also try using the repair apps option ?

If this does not help then you may need to visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre / arrange a doorstep repair if available in your region ,so they can have hands on.

Or arrange for the phone to be sent off if you don't have one local.

Samsung Support for your region maybe also able to access your phone remotely if you phone them or use Live Chat.

I wish you all the best.  :smiling-face: 

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Hi I have the exact same thing happening to me

Since last Android v12 update my phone freezes, calls are disrupted, it keep restarting randomly, I can't open the wireless option page
I noticed also sometimes it's getting hot and battery drains very fast

I did a complete reset, tried the safe mode delete cache etc... it still does the same