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Samsung J6 wont connect to internet

(Topic created on: 07/01/20 00:47)
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I was using my phone when suddenly the phone disconnected from my house wifi. Whenever I go into settings trying to connect again the phone will connect for about 15 seconds and disconnect again with a message saying "internet not available." I know this is not a problem with the wifi router as I can connect with any other device. I have tried forgetting the network and connecting again and it still does not work. I would love some help, as I am fed up with having to use all my data up whilst at home on my phone. The phone is a Samsung J6.

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Superuser I
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Does the phone connect to other wifi sources such as coffee shops etc @AldoDemesa  ?


If it does then your phone and router are having compatibility issues .


Try splitting the frequencies in your router to 2.4ghz and 5ghz and then choose each one in turn. Some devices prefer one over the other.


If your phone is having issues with all sources of wifi then go into Settings and Apps and look for your wifi. Younmaybhsve to turn on showcsystem apps which is usually via the 3 little dots in the top Lh corner of the screen.


Then go into wifi then storage and clear the cache and data.


You could also try clearing the phones system files cache by turning the phone off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phones system files.


As a last resort back up and remove any relevant Sd card and factory reset. 

If that does not help then a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre may need hands on.



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