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Samsung J5 2016 - Samsung letters dropping off of back of phone

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I've had three Samsung phones & I've never known the letters to drop/fall off the back case; I didn't even know that they were glued in until the 'U' dropped out & now the 'G' is lost forever.


I have contacted Samsung Support on the phone, they advised that it is covered under the 24 month warranty & that I could take my phone to any Samsung shop & they will sort the issue for free.  The problem being now I have been told at a shop that if I had a scratch they would repair it for free but the letters dropping out will cost me £40 as it's cosmestic, but then so are scratches; they said they couldn't repair it as they're not an official Samsung shop but a franchise.  I've had my phone for under a year & now it has become a problem; my previous phones I've had for over 4 & a half years & no problems.


On contacting Samsung Support again & speaking with a different person they are now take the side of the Samsung shop.  I've looked at my warranty & it states defects & worksmanship as being covered.  How can I get my phone fixed if no-one at Samsung can agree what is the correct policy?

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Hi @MaryL2


I'm in the UK which has the following customer support > Consumer Rights Act 2015

Samsung or the retailer have a Duty of Care.

Please check your countries support for consumers law and Samsung's or the retailers support i.e. who supplied the phone to you. 

There's No way that the Samsung Logo should be coming away. 






Thanks for coming back to me as I am in the UK too.


The problem I am having is finding someone at Samsung to take responsibility for the letters dropping off; I was told in the shop as they are a "Franchise" they don't have to do it for free & I would have to pay £40 to replace the 4mm letter, even though it hasn't been a year & is still under warranty.


I did enquire about a Head Office in the UK but I was told there isn't one.  I was thinking of trying another shop and/or then having to enforce the warranty as it is still valid.

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