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Samsung J5 2015, add my namae to splash image (logo)

(Topic created on: 06-09-2021 02:15 AM)
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i try edit Samsung J5 2015 splash image (Samsung logo image "boot image"). i succeed to dissemble the stock rom, find animation file, find error image but i can not find the boot image inside stock rom. i find other theory that depend on pull some fill called param and succeed to pull it but i can not extract the image from it. i hope find here way to extract boot image from param.bin file or even from the inode/block device param file. any one her know any thing.


p.s: change file extension, use winarr 7zip ark dd try mount it and try burn it to flash drive (as image restore) but nothing work.

the phone is very old and out from support so it will not effect on Samsung by any way if i do that plus a lot phones do this easily why my phone different


any help are welcome