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Samsung Health global challenge won't recognize all steps

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I have been using Samsung Health for quite a while now and I have a problem that irks me: although I joined the month's challenge a few days before the beginning of the month, and although the app records the daily steps taken, it will only record those steps in the month challenge from the moment I open the challenge on the phone. 


As you can see in the images below, since the beginning of the month, I should have some 20000 steps - yet the monthly challenge which I only opened earlier this morning shows the 2000 steps I did today.


Isn't it enough that you can't seem to stop the cheaters from doing a few million steps a month? Why not show all the steps for the other people?


And don't start with "what do you expect, it's freeware"; it came "free" with my Samsung phone which was anything but free!



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Did you ever manage to figure this out as I'm having the same thing  


I also experienced the same. It ignored 8k steps in the middle of the month. Still waiting on a response from them

Hi, i advise you to read this
Do you play pokemon go ?

Have a good day
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I walked about 12 000 steps yesterday, and the monthly challenge didn't take them. I was quite mad because my average would go down like alot. I discovered it was because of Pokemon GO and after disabling adventure sync in Pokemon GO, I waited the night and this morning the monthly challenge had accepted the steps.

Hi there,  I experienced the same. Motherboard problem itseems. Need to replace.

Pathetic right. I purchased NoteFE and hardly 18months and all the sensors are gone. My friends suggested iPhone but I was stubborn and this is the consequence. Wow... good Samsung

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