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(Topic created on: 22-05-2021 03:29 PM)
Below is the reply to a fellow member,  to which I would would like to share my reply below with you all.
It is the issue of Samsung taking the very unwise decision to remove a feature that so many Samsung phone owners were using and wanted in place.

Please have a read below.


Well Samsung may not be concerned about many thousands of customers who are left disappointed in compensation to many millions of customers who are not concerned either way. However, when watching a movie on the phone when on a train on a long journey, seeing that camera notch, on the screen, does spoil the experience. When I and so many Samsung customers bought the new generation of Samsung phones with the built-in camera in the screen, we wanted to know if we can cut out that camera hole if we were watching a movie for example or wanted full screen application where the black bar camera cutout notch would lower covering the camera hole and we would not see it. But the option was also there to turn that feature off again so we could see it. The point I am making is that it is an option that was there for the individual Samsung user to have a choice. Samsung took this option away overnight with the 3.0 update. And Samsung still have not taken the opportunity to bring this option back with the 3.1 update and as you say, Samsung will not bring it back. 
And although Samsung may not care and will not be affected if many many thousands of us buy another Android make in the future and do not buy Samsung again. 
That is also a personal choice that we as customers will decide to do , as I and all my friends and people I personally know that own Samsung phones are not happy with what Samsung have done. I can speak for over 70 people I personally know as friends and associates and work colleagues that own the new generation Samsung phones with the built-in camera in the screen. 
So based on my personal knowledge, the amount of people worldwide that are not happy would be in the high thousands if not far more. 
If Samsung are ok with potentially losing these amounts of customers in the future, to other Android companies that make Android devices, then Samsung have nothing to lose if they are not concerned about the many many thousands of us worldwide that are not happy about this issue. 
The main point being is this, This feature is of the camera notch cutout , is still available after all the latest updates on other manufacturers Android devices and when in the future customers like me and many many thousands of loyal Samsung customers will go to buy their next Android phone, we will be tempted to buy another brand that has the same main features as Samsung and does not take away the features that we want and use and that other brand of phone will be far cheaper than a Samsung phone. 
There are other Android manufacturers apart from Samsung that will take opportunities like this for example, to make and sell their own Android phone to a loyal Samsung customer. 
Samsung removed this feature without giving a reason or an explanation to us. Where other Android manufacturers have decided NOT to remove this feature because many many thousands of Samsung users were actually using this feature. 
The question is why did Samsung just remove this when their competitors decided to keep it in place ? 
There was a phone company in the past called BlackBerry, they were once so dominant and a top player of the mobile phone manufacturers throughout the world. But they started to make these type of decisions, they made changes and customers kept complaining and they still failed to listen to the minority of their customers and then the unhappiness with BlackBerry spread like wildfire amoung BlackBerry phone owners. 
That's because they failed to listen and failed to act on the issue the customers were unhappy with. 
That was the beginning of the slow death of BlackBerry and the rise and rise of Samsung where Samsung are now the biggest in Android and still the best. 
Where are BlackBerry now ? ? ? 
But competitors are there waiting to get the loyal Samsung phone customers and it starts with small annoying issues like this by Samsung that will tempt many of us to look at other manufacturers phone devices.

But as you say, why do Samsung need to worry or care about the minority of its customers ?

What happened to BlackBerry started with the minority of BlackBerry customers not being happy and left feeling let down and disappointed of the bad decisions that BlackBerry were doing and the fact that BlackBerry were not listening to the customers complaints and not acting to keep the customers happy and loyal by addressing the customers issues and rectifying those issues.

BlackBerry failed so many of their loyal customers. 

Where are BlackBerry now ? ? ?

Samsung Development Team & Directors, 

Please do not make the same mistakes as BlackBerry did and please listen to the minority of your customers as well as the majority of your customers.

Hopefully Samsung will listen.
I have heard this issue recently and many are annoyed. Hopefully they will listen and work on a feature to have the choice to remove the camera notch cut out and lowering the bar, like before. Xxx
Hopefully they will
I honestly wouldn't hold my breath. Not too long Samsung will release a full screen display with underneath camera in all likelihood. It seems unlikely they'll go out of their way to recustomise their OneUI to accommodate such a niche disputed feature. It's probably not what you want to hear but I imagine the majority of users don't care so its priority is very low.
You may will be correct. But alot of people with the new Samsung camera built in to the screen, are not happy.
Alot of people want to hide the camera notch.
The situation is, most Samsung owners do not sign up to Samsung Members and do not make complaints.
Alot of people simply wait until they need their next phone and then they purchase another brand.
That's what happens and then when Samsung realise that sales of new devices are not as they had projected, they are lower.
I paid over £450 for my Samsung and people I personally know have paid over £600 for their Samsung phone.
They are also unhappy with Samsung over this issue.
Many people I know have said their next phone will be another brand of Android or even an IPhone.
I certainly will think carefully before buying another Samsung if another brand has the features I want for alot less money
I find highly unlikely your statement holds true. The obvious evidence is if people felt so strongly against the smallest in screen hole, they'd never have chosen a Samsung or the iPhone for that matter.

I'm not saying I'm correct but if you full screen media and all your focus is on one very small portion of the screen with a hole, you may have a little bit of obsessive behaviour. I'd wager more than 90% of people get over this in less than a few minutes or hours of use. Its nice if Samsung give the choice, but your reaction to it seems way overblown to me.
It's not an overblown reaction.
Let me explain.
A smartphone now does so many things and watching a movie whilst on a train or plane or in a park on a high spec Samsung smartphone is just as entertaining as watching the movie at home on a large 50 inch TV screen.
Now before I purchased my Samsung phone, I actually called Samsung UK support to ask them on the phone, about the camera notch hole in the screen at the top and is there an option to hide this if I want to watch a movie and not have my viewing experience spoiled ?

The technical support agent at Samsung UK, actually said and I quote,
This question that you are asking has been asked alot during the last few months by people wishing to buy the new generation of Samsung phones where the camera is not on the bezel, but on the top of the glass and yes you can by going into the app settings and there is a toggle where you can cut out the camera notch by using the toggle.

I said thank you to the technical support agent on the phone and the next day I purchased my new Samsung phone.
I was and still happy with it.
However, since the 3.0 update , I no longer get the movie experience that I am happy with because of that camera hole on the screen.

Would you by a full size TV and accept a camera hole in the glass of your TV screen and be satisfied and happy ?
I don't think that you would be happy.

The fact that a Samsung UK technical support agent said so many people have asked about this before they purchased the phone, proves that there are many many thousands of Samsung phone owners in the world that are unhappy with this new update where Samsung have done away with this feature but all the other Android manufacturers that have the camera built in to the screen, they have still kept the camera notch cutout option and have NOT got rid of it.
So why did Samsung get rid of this option.

On to the next part of my reply, your last reply to me where you say that I may have a little bit of obsessive behaviour.
That comment is not only untrue, but you assume you know me personally, which you do not.

Samsung may never want to bring this feature back, that is totally up to Samsung.
However, what Samsung did was take away an option that did not need to be taken away and Samsung left alot of its customers very unhappy.

The thing is you can watch movies and media without the hole (it's not a notch) getting in the way quite easily. For the most part most media isn't recorded in these phones dimensions especially on YouTube. You pretty much end up watching most things in a letterboxed fashion anyway (again especially youtube). Also since you clearly don't care about screenspace compromise (as hiding the hole cuts off a large portion) this shouldn't be an issue for you. It's the reason I say your reaction is overblown.

I tend to watch a lot of media (admittedly borderline unhealthy), since owning the P30 Pro I've never had issue watching anything on the phone with a hole. If the hole bothered me like it's clearly bothering you, I'd never have opted to buy any phone with a hole/notch in the screen.
When using apps and YouTube for example, yes you are correct, the phone screen adjusts so you do not see the hole.
But I have a 512GB micro sd card in my Samsung phone, which alot of movies on the card and when you play a movie from the micro sd card or even if I transfer the movie to the phone memory from the sd card.
You still see the hole that is a personal distraction.
This is the point that I am making, for some phone users like you, it is not an issue.
For other phone users like me, it is an issue.

Samsung have so many features where you can personalise this and that and the size and type of the font and display and a whole lot more great things built in to the Samsung phones so you can make your phone personal in style to your requirements.
And Samsung taking away a requirement that many used, needed and want back, was a mistake if they took it away for no justifiable reason or explanation where other manufacturers kept this feature.

It's all about a personal preference to the individual.

Samsung took it away.

You and many may not have used the feature in question.
But many many thousands of us in the world did use it and want it back.

If you went to a restaurant and ordered a steak, you would be asked or you would say, how you like your steak ?
Rare ? Medium Rare ? Medium to well done ? Or Well Done ?

That is your personal choice and would I judge you for how you like to eat a steak ? No I would not.

So why judge me on the features that I was happy with and many thousands of people worldwide were happy with and Samsung took it away ?

What is your issue with me highlighting this until someone at Samsung actually gives me a proper technical explanation as to why out of the Android phone manufacturers, why did Samsung take this feature away and not give a reason at all.

I think that I have explained enough to you on this issue.

You have your options and I have my opinions

That's how it is.
I have no issue with you having a preference and I'm sorry if you interpret my response as such but it wasn't meant nor directed as an attack. Put it simply, I'm trying to reason with you that the issue you have seems very trivial at best where in most cases, can be worked around. Most users really don't have that focus issue in one spot of a screen to distract from the focus on screen, if that is truly your gripe I question your real attention to the media you watch, which brings me full circle to the obsessive behaviour