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Samsung Galxy S7 not loading vdeos/giphy on Instagram

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Since I updated my software on my S7 the instagram is not working properly. The stories wont load any videos/boomegrang or giphy. REALLY DRIVNG ME NUTS as I use instagram for businss and need the features.


Yes, I mentioned 5x before every single update has been done and nothing has changed.


@JM14 wrote:

It is driving me absolutely NUTS!! I think it is an issue with some devices. My S7 and my husbands aren't working but his brothers S7 it is!

Could be something in that, @JM14. Any simlarities between yours and your husband's phones versus any differences with his brother's? (E.g. like networks; contract versus unbranded; Android versions; region/country the phone was bought from; other apps.)


If it makes you feel any better (unlikely!) I have the exact same problem, as do a lot of users on reddit/various forums out there.  No one using an S7 can use gifs in instagram stories since the Oreo update.  Everyone has tried everything to no avail.  If you try and upload a story containing a gif then it just sticks on 'posting' and subsequently any stories you try and upload afterwards (gif containing or not) don't upload because as far as IG is aware it's still trying to upload the first one.  The only way to get rid of the 'posting wheel of death' and the story uploading is to uninstall IG (or the updates as it's an inbuilt app these days).  Absolute pain in the back side.  I wish Samsung would sort this out it's been months now. 


Thank God I'm not the only one...It is the most annoying thing ever..I'm switching my phone to huwaei

First of all people must realise that any issues with third party apps are with the apps not being compatible with the phones S/W it is down to the app developer to make sure their application works as it should on all versions of android. The app is built around the S/W not the other way around if this was the case then Samsung would need to push out an update in this instance Instagram and their developer team need to look at why it is crashing and send out an update accordingly, alternatively you can also try to download an older version of the Instagram app and see what that does.
Having exactly the same issues on my S7 since it uploaded to Android 8. Have to keep uninstalling Instagram and I use it for business too. However I did come across a short term solution until Samsung and Instagram sort it out. You can create a video on InShot, save it a d then upload it to your story. Not sure if you can add a gif haven't tried that yet. It's not ideal but may help some users who are dying to share their Insta video stories again.

I can upload videos noprblem, but IMPOSSIBLE to upload giphy. everytime i try i get an error


Dear Samsung,
I will most probably use instagram services in the future. But with your big mistake after oreo update in not displaying gifs anymore (nor location!) in the instastories, most probably I will not buy another samsung device in the future. Your interest in solving this issue is 0, so you don't give a cr@#p about clients buying your products.
Samsung s7 is the last device I bought from you.

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