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Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro Faulty Backlight

(Topic created on: 02-12-2022 05:20 AM)

I've already had my phone replaced due to a faulty back light and the same thing has happened yet again.  The phone is gone for 2 weeks. A huge disruption to my business and many hours of my time backing up and transferring files from one phone to another. I recommend replacing this phone with something else , because as long as Samsung will not admit to this being a systemic issue with this model(and permanently fix the issue), every time the phone is replaced, it will have the same fault re-occur yet again! Absolutely insulting the way that Samsung treat their customers. I will be requesting a full refund and never purchase this phone again. My hard earned money spent for a so called 'tough military standard' phone...and they don't even offer spare batteries online or from retailers.... or even make a stand alone spare battery charger like they did with the S5 or even offer a factory POGO phone charging dock. Why then build a phone with POGO pins and removable battery in the first place??? Never again. What a waste of my valuable TIME, my LIFE HOURS and my MONEY!!!

If anyone else(apart from the 10 or so people who have already posted here) has had this problem, please speak up! If you don't say anything, Samsung will never fix this issue. An otherwise good phone concept and experience sullied due to poor customer care by SAMSUNG.

First Poster

I'm having the same issue. My phone backlight went out within the first year of having it, so they fixed it under warranty. I just noticed my backlight starting to flicker this week, and now if I bump my phone, the screen goes completely black. Seems like a manufacture defect to me.