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Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro Backlight Display Fault

(Topic created on: 09-03-2022 10:32 AM)

Hi, Before the warranty was out on the phone the screen would intermittently be blank after pressing the on button. I had an awful experience trying to get it repaired with official repair sites not supporting and having to send in the Samsung repair center. I got the phone back and now it is staring to fail again. I called the repair center and they said it is out of warranty so I would have to pay to get it repaired. 

My counter to that answer was they did not repair it after just a couple months it is not working again, surely there is a guaranty on the repair. I never got an answer I suppose because it work when it was returned to me is the length of the guaranty of the repair. The option I was given was to trade it in. The phone is 1.5 years old, not happy. Is there a way to escalate my problem since it never really was repaired? Plus now that a few of these phone are out in service the reviews from Amazon show 15% are giving it a one star review with many complaints similar to mine problem so this is not a one off issue that I am dealing with something is faulty with this phone hardware and or design. 
1) I want to file an official complaint about a known issue with their phone, and their service not providing a real permanent fix.

2) The option to remedy my problem was to trade it in. I really would like to escalate this, I should have be more equitable solution than this. I paid retail for this device and through no fault of my own it does not work so it have very little trade in value, very unfair to me. 
Thank you!

(Topic created: 11-02-2021 03:10 PM)

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