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Samsung Galaxy smartphone - durable feature

(Topic created on: 28-11-2021 12:50 PM)
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Good afternoon,

I'm looking to choose a durable smartphone for an elderly working gentlement, where apps features aren't so important, as the phone mainly will be used for calls and some social media/radio listening, but the following are rather valuable:

-dust proof

-durable (i.e. scratch/drops resistance to max possible extend, as the gentlemen is working in construction industry, so the device will be exposed to a daily dust and eventual knocks)

-long battery life and reasonably good camera

-reasonably good processor because of the radio which sometimes may play for hours

-released 2021

I have read some good opinions for XCover 5, but still looking for some thoughts here, as there may be something better which I didn't spot.

Thank you  in advance!

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@APGal8: For the price point I feel like you have hit the nail on the head with the Xcover 5, due it's durability and IP68 rating for water and dust resistance. You may also wish to consider some earlier models in the S series and Note Series (S7 upwards, and Note 8 upwards) as these also feature an IP68 rating, however you would probably need to apply a case or cover for additional protection if it's to be used on a construction site.