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Samsung Galaxy S8+

(Topic created on: 23-07-2017 03:21 PM)
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I have two questions and the first is I bought my Galaxy S8+ in Europe and all it has on box is the Model No. SM-G955F and when I try to register phone and the question comes up for model number and I put in the module the plain SM-G955F is not there only numbers with loads of other numbers and this is where I am confused because no where on the phone can I find numbers which match the ones required to register, secondly since the new updat for camera and after updat i get notification of a service provider updat and as I won my phone and not locked to any network I am reluctant to install this update...I have been intouch with EE and they said its got nothing to do with them...please help and thanks in advance

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Hi @itekweni


My experience is that an update that shows in your Software Update section is fine to accept. 


I buy my phones sim free Unlocked to any network and haven't experienced any issues. 


If you download the PhoneInfo App from the PlayStore it will show you amongst many other things what your phone model is under the csc code section and what it's csc code is which shows what firmware is on it. 


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