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Samsung Galaxy S8 reboot loop

(Topic created on: 10-08-2021 10:38 PM)
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I recently sold a Galaxy S8 on an online auction site. Before sending it it was working perfectly, and after I restored it to the factory settings for security it switched on fine and displayed the 'Let's Go!' page for setup to commence.

The buyer has now reported that the phone is stuck in a reboot loop (their description), although apparently it was working OK for a couple of days prior to that happening.

They have sent a picture of the screen which is 

fault screen.jpg

Can anyone please explain why or how this could have happened? Most importantly as far as my transaction is concerned, is this something that happens without the user trying to load improper software?

Thanks in advance for any advice / help, and when making any suggestions please keep in mind that I do not have the phone in my possession. 

Tend to agree with you. Trying to pull a fast one.
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Those sort of issues generally happen with an incorrect firmware flash, not hardware problems.
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Yea that doesn't just happen without user error never seen that "just happen" ever, an it's an auction site anyway, you get it sold as seen tell them to bugger off and leave you alone
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Hi @itstimupnorth 


Sadly issues can arise when selling privately to someone on auction sites.

Also on the flip side people who buy phone's from auction sites can experience various issues too.

Which is why personally I won't buy or sell my phone's on these platforms. 

They could try to raise a dispute via the auction sites dispute channels and via the way they've paid i.e PayPal so keep an eye out.

Sadly we won't exactly know what's happened causing this to occur unless the buyer tells you exactly or they may just say this just happened on it's own. 🙄

Did you take any time and date stamped pictures of the phone fully working and showing the " Let's Go ” splash screen to lend weight to the phone working as it should before shipping  ?

You could advise the new owner to visit a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for support.

Would you update your thread with any eventual outcome please  ?

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Seems that he tried to root the phone and fouled it up.
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Thanks to all for your input. This is now in the hands of the customer, and eBay if he wants to take it up with them.

I'm not going to make any further comment until the matter is resolved. Keep watching this space if you want to!

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Last update on this.

Looks like the buyer took out the motherboard and replaced it with a faulty one - something I didn't even consider as an option.

I took it to a specialist to try and get it fixed and he informed me that the back had been taken off. As I'd had the phone from new (seal unbroken box when I got it) and certainly hadn't done or had anything done to it, that seemed the only option. Because of the lack of functionality in the motherboard it wasn't feasible to check the IMEI of the board against the IMEI on the box, but the sticker on the board with the IMEI was loose, so it was pretty much the only conclusion to come to.

In the eBay accepted my claim and didn't force me to pay the cost of the refund to the buyer, but I'm pretty sure they refunded him, so he's got a new motherboard for nothing. I've got the cost the specialist inspection, eBay still charged me for the return postage, and I've got an otherwise excellent phone that needs a new motherboard to cover those expenses.

If I do sell a used good quality used phone on eBay again I'll make sure to take a picture of the IMEI...

Thanks again to all.