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Samsung galaxy s8 overheat and battery drain Fast


My samsung galaxy s8 battery finish in 4-6 hours after 100% charge.  I tried everything like. Reboot, device mantainace clear cache , scan, Apps battery save mode and all that. But still my s8 has same issue . Google play service using battery 81% I don't know why. Very disappointed after paying £599 I have to use phone with this problem.  I'm sure fast charging is not a solution. 

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Hi @AK01


My first piece of advice is to put the phone in Safe Mode which will turn off all the downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones alone which can then help you see if this is because of a rogue app if the issue stops. 


If it does not stop then I'd suggest to create a back up and factory reset. 


If no help then either take the phone back to source or a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre location can run a diagnostic on the phone. 



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Phone overheatng & draining fast, only 6 monts old ,,,

Hi AK01,

Further to the steps provided by @BandOfBrothers, you can back up your phone on your home computer using Smart Switch which is available via this link for PC or Mac:
If your issue persists following the factory reset then you can find your nearest Samsung Support Centre by checking the following link, selecting 'Mobile Device' and entering your post code:
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