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Samsung Galaxy s7 screen popping out

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Some months ago I had to repair my screen. Today I noticed while I was charging my phone that the light while charging is peeking through on top of my phone. I pressed the corners gently and noticed that the screen is not fully down. Do I have to replace my screen once a again or will it be a easy fix?

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Go back to the source that replaced the screen @FluffyAnny  as they have a duty of care to ensure their repair is of satisfactory quality.


Although as this was done "some months ago ", they may have a time limit on guarantee.


If you employed a non authorized Samsung Repair house to carry out the work your Samsung Manufacturing Warranty will be voided and thus Samsung probably won't provide support by repairing it.


That said it cant harm to ask a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre for assistance.  :smiling-face:


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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