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Samsung galaxy note 5 camera makes pictures white

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My Samsung Galaxy note 5 camera makes the pictures look whited out. The camera quality for some reason has deteriorated. I've reset my phone and reset the camera settings yet nothing seems to work. Any advice?  


Ok not saying that this will work,


But check the white balance setting on the camera (if you can) and reset it by pointing the camera at a white surface.


Failing that make sure that the camera is set to auto.


Just a logical thought


I already tried that and it just seems like nothing is working the worst thing is I cant even send it for repairs coz the note 5 wasn't released in UK. I reset my camera settings and it went back to normal for a few minutes and then went back to being white and blurry. I even took before and after pictures and u can even see the difference.


Apologies, I have no idea what the problem could be. I'm assuming that the both the lens & the light sensors are undamaged and not partially covered by a case or similar.


I came across the following thread when I googled looking for a solution


Though I'm sure you're tried the same route

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