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Samsung Galaxy not staying connected to VW Car Stereo to play music. Voice works perfectly!


Hi there.

I recently bought a VW with an RNS 315 car stereo. Frustratingly my Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 will not stay connected in order to play music over bluetooth. The phone does stay connected for calls and phone wirks perfectly. 

I hade a Note 4 previously which had the same problem. 

If i toggle Bluetooth off and then on again, I can make both connections stay on until i turn of the ignition again.

I have connected another brand phone to the stereo and it worked perfectly so I dont think the Stereo is the issue😐

Any help on this matter would really be appreciated.

I would hate to have to leave Samsung because of this but cant sell the car😀




I have a VW also and the issue that I find is with the phone but it can be overcome very easily.


I found that if I had all the "wireless" connections on, eg wifi, bluetooth, nfc, gps, that sometimes I would not connect.  Dropping/ turning off wifi and nfc did the trick for me.  I in fact no longer have this issue, as maybe one of the latest updates fixed it.


Also, if you have Power Saving mode on, I would turn it off as impacts overall connectivity.


I also had a simiar issue with the iphone, which seems to have been fixed also.


Another point to check is when you paired your phone to the VW system, did you setup all the VW connections rather than just the one which then supposedly connects the rest of the services.  eg you can setup separately phone, audio, media etc...


Hope this helps!




Thanks for all the info. I will certainly try some of those suggestions as it is annoying and forcing me to look to some other manafacturer 😞


I have a technical call scheduled also so maybe my issue will be resolved. Yipee!


Many thanks again for the advice.





Hi Paul,


Did you manage to fix this issue.  I have an S10 and connect to my VW RNS315.  I can connect my phone for calls via bluetooth, however it won't let me connect for audio.  Its quite frustrating.  I can go into my phone booth tooth options and audio is unchecked, when I try to toggle it over, it will no let me.


Any advice greatly appreciated.



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