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samsung galaxy j5 firmware advice.

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hello there : )


I am on = android 5.1

phone serial number =  sm-j500fgsmh (factory unlocked dual sim)


I am trying to find a good download location for a more up to date  SM-J500F firmware/stock rom?  (my location UK)


This may sound unlikely but i feel by updating it may fix at least one issue: 1. With "power button ends call"  selected , the phone still will not respond or close when I have a call, I have to take out the battery( might be a sensor?)

2. The charging is slow but the battery lasts a fair good while once charged.


I have Odin3 ready and it can see my phone .


I wonder if anyone can recommend a United Kingdom version and location to download?


Thank you for any help you may offer. :  )

@flerpz: I always advise against downloading unauthorised software from third parties as this can cause compatibility issues with future, official software updates and will void your warranty. Regarding your call issue, does the phone freeze when you attempt to end the call with your Power button? What happens if you swipe to end the call?
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