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Samsung Galaxy core prime freezing

(Topic created on: 28-06-2017 03:43 PM)
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My samsung galaxy core prime keeps freezing after I use it for more than a few minutes and I've tried many things to fix it such as checking for system updates, clearing the cache... But then I noticed that if I push down the back of the phone (just above the battery and below the camera and torch) my phone works normally. Does this mean that I have to take my phone apart to see if there is anything loose or damaged in my phone?

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Try a hard reset after creating a back up.

If you have any manufacuring warranty left on it then find your most local Samsung Service Centre and submit it for a diagnostic. If you try anything that breaks the sealsthen the warranty will be voided.

If the warranty has run out then your free to either still use a service location and ask them to advise on a costing or employ a standalone cellphobe shop to look at it.

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