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Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) moisture warning


Hi, what is the moisture sensor settings? I've got this phone for 2 weeks, since then it was never anywhere close to the water, not even to the cup of water and I've got stil this "Moisture warning" issue. According to the indoor meteo station, there is about 50% moisture in the room and I still have got this warning, while phone is at the bedside table and I'm not able to charge it even overnight. it's ******* annoying! How to get rid of this issue? The ***** advices to put the phone in the rice jar or clean the port after two weeks by ear picks keep for yourself.


It works 👍


I have had the same issue with the moitsture warning. Turning my phone off and charging it seems to be working.

Will continue to do this until the issue is resloved. 


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Well, after almoste 2 months i also had this problem. If i wanted to charge it i had to turn of the phone and turn it back on when was fully charged. Few hours after the problem didn't showed up anymore, but after that, again and again. Yesterday I blew the charger compartiment with high presurre air and until now nothing showed up anymore. It's working properly.

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Aug 8/2018


I Have a similar issue.


The backstory to my device is that I purchased it 2 months ago brand new through Fido. It was sold to me in store (via a fido rep) under the premise that it was water resistant up to 3 feet. Since purchase it has never come into contact with water, not even rain. I live just outside of Toronto, Canada, and while we have had a spell of high humidity weather the past month or 2, I have central air in home and office with an attach dehumidifier on the system. I work indoors mainly and have rarely had this phone outside in the humid weather for long periods. Even if I had you would think Samsung products would be able to withstand simple weather conditions without malfunctioning.


Yesterday I started getting the moisture warnings, and my phone would not charge.


For those who have been unable to resolve the issue:


I contacted samsung directly today via their phone line after this issue persisted for over 24hrs on my A5, and for 2 weeks on my girlfriend's A5 as well. While Samsung denied any prior knowledge of the issue (a simple Google search returns plenty of similar results), I was adamant they needed to address it. After 3 phone calls and lots of hassel they sent me to Fonelabs, one of their "affiliated repair stores".


Fonelabs staff were quick to confirm there was no physical or liquid damage to the phone or sensor.


Samsung says they will repair the phone free of charge through Fonelabs. (I have yet to leave it for repair as I need my phone for work, so I cannot say that they will hold up their end of the deal).


I've been a relatively satisfied Samsung consumer over the past 5 years. Owning an S5, an S6, 2 smart TVs and a Sound System, and now the A5. However, I am now wary of the company as they seemed to not only deny this issue, but took an almost unconcerned and indifferent attitude towards it.


Furthermore, they confirmed via phone that simple humidity can cause liquid damage to the phone (a phone they claim is water resistant). They stated they would not cover the repair costs if the humidity was enough to damage the liquid sensor. Something is screaming major design flaw here.


I recommend calling them directly. 1 800 Samsung.





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I am having the same trouble after owning the phone for 8 months and my phone has also not been near Water and I can't charge unless I restart my phone and mid restart plug it in 


Charged afterwards, didn't go away.

Samsung Canada, are you reading this???


that isn't possible, it still gives his warnings

@Elvis-A5-2017 wrote:



Switch off your phone and charge it.





To resolve this "moisture detected" message.


Please go to Settings > Apps > Show system apps > Find USBSettings app > tap Storage > tap Clear data.


If persists, have your phone data backed up and proceed with factory data reset.


But I assure you that the first will solve this.


Thanks ^_^ 


@hammyhamster_18 wrote:

Charged afterwards, didn't go away.

Samsung Canada, are you reading this???

Hi, here :smiling-face:

I simply took mine to a Samsung fix it shop they did a update on my firmware and cleared the warning. This was over a year ago but it is a known issue.

There was no charge as it was under warranty.

My suggestion is you do the same and let a tech look it over as they have the special codes to override the warning and they can also make certain there is indeed no moisture in the unit.



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