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Samsung Experience 9.5 OVERRIDING notification settings

(Topic created on: 14-11-2018 01:18 PM)
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This is infuriating! I just updated to Samsung Experience 9.5 and it is overriding my settingsI set the notification app to medium and it change by itself to High and keeps vibrating even if the app is setting to not vibrate! I'm abaout to throw my phone on the wall. And I don't even use Samsung Experience as my launcher, I use Nova. For the first time I'm seriously considering rooting the device, don't care about the warrant honestly if the alternative is this. What the actual hell is this? I have to keep it on silence and don't get vibration when people call me or get  vibration FOR EVERY NOTIFICATION. This is VERY STUPID. I had samsung phones for years know and it is the last one, honestly. This is very stupid, overriding user settings. Who are you, Apple? Are you Apple now? If I want somebody to tell me what to do I just can just buy an Iphone. This is outraging. DON'T OVERRIDE USER SETTINGS

Other Smartphones
First I have to say from user to user that I quite dislike your tone of your post. Perhaps its an idea to use a bit less sarcasm and keep things a bit more civilized :winking-face:

Regardless, I'm sorry to hear that your settings are lost, I suppose that the update process took the Samsung experience settings and returned them to default. Not a fan of that but considering your feedback I do understand the disappointment.

Rooting is indeed a solution if you dislike the Samsung updates - I'm a fan of the Samsung experience myself so I won't really complain about it.

Anyway, what is your phone if I might ask? This might help into an investigation towards the root cause of the lost settings (And might prevent it the next time :winking-face: ).