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Samsung cloud not downloading all selected photos

(Topic created on: 13-08-2021 01:58 PM)
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Hello! I am doanloading photos from my samsung cloud since the cloud will be closing on July 31st.   I started to download photos using my computer.  I logged in and chose 490 photos since 500 is the limit and it worked great  but now everytime I try to download the next lot of photos, it downloads but when I look at the photos that downloaded the amount of downloaded items is less than the amount I chose to download.   my last download was 396 photos but in the Win zip rar files I extrated all but like only 290 items were in the folder.  so it's missing over 100 pics.

am I doing something incorrect?  It worked perfect the first time. and the downloaded amount was the same as the amount I chose in the cloud......   I have tried on multiple days but this keeps happening.  any advice?    thank you !

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I have the same problem! At first I could download 500 photos/videos, now I can only download 5 or 6 photos and each time it's less!! What's happening???