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Samsung cloud gallery backup

(Topic created on: 17-07-2018 07:45 PM)
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Hi everyone,

I got several questions about how samsung cloud functions with pictures and albums backup that I can't find answers to. I have a Samsung S8.

I know that there is like 15GB storage for "free". Also Sumsung cloud has been syncing all of my albums since the start and I didnt know it (just never noticed or remembered i activated it)


1. I am well passed 15GB in my gallery, however I think all my pictures are backed up in the cloud. Do they simply compress them or replace old ones with new ones?


2. I had to move around some albums since I like to organize my stuff, and now all my albums are in the folder DCIM and I do not have a Gallery folder anymore. This caused some albums to duplicate by themselves, but with some pictures missing. Some pictures are "synced to the cloud" and some are not. Any idea what happened? Now that I have 3 times the same album but with different pictures in each of them, i'm trying to merge them together, but since they are synced to the cloud it won't let me. 


3. I would like to delete all the backed up pictures from the cloud, and stop syncing completely (I have other backups) but keep what I have in the Gallery. It won't let me delete from just one place

 If i delete from gallery it deletes the copy in the cloud, and if i delete from the cloud it deletes the copy in the gallery. Is it possible to just keep one in the device?!


4. What do the icons mean on the thumbnails of the pictures? I'm guessing the small coud woth an arrow means "uploaded in cloud" but what does the small cloud with a phone means?


I think that's most of my questions for now, just trying to get rid of Samsung cloud but keeping how it's organized in my gallery :smiling-face:


Thanka a lot for your help and let me know if more information is needed :smiling-face: