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Samsung and other companies need to stop comparing their products to Apple.

(Topic created on: 29-11-2017 09:07 PM)
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Do you know why Apple always has massive sale? That's partly thanks to Apple's competitors always trying to compare their products to Apple's. Think about it.

First, human is a prideful creature, they do not want to admit they're wrong. When others show them their choices have been foolish (buying Apple products), they still want to cling onto their mistakes hoping they're right. As long as Apple still releases some upgrades and  innovations every year, their fans are still convinced that Apple is still innovating, shutting their eyes and ears from others. In their heads be like "Do not worry, Apple is still innovating, others are simply haters". This thinking keep Apple fans royal and continue to convince others (their families and friends) to join Apple ecosystem because they do not want to be the only people that are foolish. This is like the snowball effect.

Second, when you compare your products to the competitor's, people will think you are desperate for attention, lacking confidence in your products. People will think "If your products are so awesome, why are you comparing to others'? Your products must have hidden flaws you're trying hide or something?". Plus the fact that Samsung software is known to slow down overtime comfirms this suspicion. Before S8 comes out, Samsung smartphones have had the reputation to slow down overtime, and unstable. This hurts Samsung image as a company that is not good enough to portray themselves as a confidence, independent, and innovating company.

Conclusion, stop comparing your proucts to Apple, Samsung. You are helping Apple, not beating it.

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People buy a certain brand for quite a few reasons @MrDosonhai


Quality of hardware.

Preference of Os.

Customer Support. 

Manufacturing Warranty Period. 

Brand Loyalty. 

Aesthetic look and logo’s such as the Apple Logo. 

Connect ability to existing owned devices (eco-system)



Fear of change.  


Truth be told over the past few years Apple have showed very little innovation in their devices. 


I’ve used iPhones / iPads / iPods and MBA for years.


The iPhone models I’ve used are from the iPhone 4 launch to the iPhone 6+ Launch and that’s when I broke ties and moved to Samsung as the iPhone 7 was showing very little innovation. 


Apple shout out about a new concept / innovation but in some cases are only introducing features / tools that’s already been in place for quite some time on Samsung phones. They just rename it !


Samsung would rightly keep an eye on Apple and other competitors but that’s the nature of business. As for them comparing themselves to Apple imo they do not. 


It still to this day surprises me how an iPhone launch from Apple causes such hysteria :winking-face:


Also they've been known to take a jailbreak tweak and add that to their iOS Calling it a new feature ! 


Both companies are hugely succesful in their own right with Samsung even supplying displays for Apple to use on their iPhones. 


In conclusion > If we all liked the same then this sector would become stagnant very quickly.   :smiling-face:





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This is the latest video of Samsung mocking Apple.

And if you notice in every other introduction of new smartphones, companies like Samsung, Google, OnePlus always find at least some reasons to mock the iPhone (like lack of headphone jack, wireless charging,...).

I know that some other factors involved that Apple fans stay in their ecosystem but because other brands constantly mocking Apple, Apple got the attention they do not deserve nowadays.

What I'm trying to say is, be your own brand, focus on what you can offer to customers and that's it. Don't be a petty competitor always mocking others, that's just bad for your image, nothing more. It's like you mock customers they do not know how to choose their products, this is why some Apple fans (friends I know) never try to switch even though they barely use the Apple ecosystem (only own iPhone, no Macbook, no iPad). And it's easy enough to switch, Samsung even has Smart Switch for that.