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Samsung A5 screens ireland

(Topic created on: 20/12/17 07:07)
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Hi guys !

Does anybody know anywhere in Dublin Ireland where they do a cheap screen repair for a Samsung a5 2017. Anywhere I have checked is €120-150.! 

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Superuser I
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Hey @Alana101



These screens definitely ain’t cheap !


I use a s8 which has curved screens so the screen replacement is around £250+ mark. 


My suggestion would be to use a Samsung Service Location or if one isn’t local then send it to Samsung. This means then oem original parts are used by a trained authorised engineer and your manufacturer warranty isn’t voided. 


Of course other options like a Highstreet Store that’s advertises repairs is an option but they may not use oem original parts, inroduce dust when opening it up , cause other possible issues and this will void the Manufacturing Warranty. 


Home Insurance , Mobile phone stand-alone Insurance Or Some Bank Accounts provide mobile phone cover as a perk of the account could be an option. T&C’s and excess fees would need to be checked. 


To add it maybe a beneficial option to place the phone in a Bumper or case to protect it. 

I understand some like to have their phone naked but this would come Hand in hand with possible accidents. 


I prefer a minimal approach on my s8 so I have a Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper on it coupled with a dbrand Black Dragon Back Skin and Samsung Official Film type Screen Protector. 



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