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(Topic created on: 22-05-2021 06:59 AM)
Camera notch cutout on Samsung smartphones.
 Yes I have mentioned this before several times. 
 However, when there was a Camera notch cutout option on the screen of Samsung phones, the customers that used it like me and so many others liked it and needed it.
 Then update ONE UI 3.0 removed the Camera notch cutout, which really annoyed so many of us.
 Now the latest update, 
 ONE UI 3.1 , has not addressed this issue and Samsung are not listening to the complaints.
 Other Android manufacturers, that have the camera notch cutout feature , those manufacturers did NOT remove this feature.
 Only Samsung removed this feature.
 I paid over £450 for my Samsung phone and the vital selling point was that I could hide the camera notch with the cutout feature.
 Samsung did not do anything about this on the 3.1 update.
 When I buy my next Android phone, I will be thinking very carefully if I should buy a Samsung device.
 Directors of Samsung, if it is not broken, then it does not need fixing or removing. 
 Please bring this feature back as so many of us want it back. 
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user's feedback is important to software developers for improvement

please message them via Samsung Members app

tap add (+) → Send error report/feedback 



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Had a look at that, does not have the option to send an error report to Samsung for developers to read
Big Cheese
I think it has been stated before STRATEGIST but there will be no hiding of the camera hole in any future software updates to ensure the sales and success of future Samsung phones with under display camera notch technology. This is a harsh reality that sadly makes sound business sense. Samsung also deem that the amount of people who are highly anti camera hole will not affect current phone sales and it seems they are correct about this too. 👍👍
Well Samsung may not be concerned about many thousands of customers who are left disappointed in compensation to many millions of customers who are not concerned either way.
However, when watching a movie on the phone when on a train on a long journey, seeing that camera notch, on the screen, does spoil the experience.
When I and so many Samsung customers bought the new generation of Samsung phones with the built-in camera in the screen, we wanted to know if we can cut out that camera hole if we were watching a movie for example or wanted full screen application where the black bar camera cutout notch would lower covering the camera hole and we would not see it.
But the option was also there to turn that feature off again so we could see it.
The point I am making is that it is an option that was there for the individual Samsung user to have a choice.
Samsung took this option away overnight with the 3.0 update. And Samsung still have not taken the opportunity to bring this option back with the 3.1 update and as you say, Samsung will not bring it back.
And although Samsung may not care and will not be affected if many many thousands of us by another Android make in the future and do not by Samsung again.
That is also a personal choice that we as customers will decide to do , as I and all my friends and people I personally know that own Samsung phones are not happy with what Samsung have done.
I can speak for over 70 people I personally know as friends and associates and work colleagues that own the new generation Samsung phones with the built-in camera in the screen.
So based on my personal knowledge, the amount of people worldwide that are not happy would be in the high thousands if not far more.
If Samsung are ok with potentially losing these amounts of customers in the future, to other Android companies that make Android devices, then Samsung have nothing to lose if they are not concerned about the many many thousands of us worldwide that are not happy about this issue.
The main point being is this,
This feature is of the camera notch cutout , is still available after all the latest updates on other manufacturers Android devices and when in the future customers like me and many many thousands of loyal Samsung customers will go to buy their next Android phone, we will be tempted to buy another brand that has the same main features as Samsung and does not take away the features that we want and use and that other brand of phone will be far cheaper than a Samsung phone.
There are Android manufacturers apart from Samsung that will take opportunities like this for example, to make and sell am Android phone to a loyal Samsung customer.

Samsung removed this feature without giving a reason or an explanation to us.
Where other Android manufacturers have decided NOT to remove this feature because many many thousands of Samsung users were actually using this feature.

The question is why did Samsung just remove this when their competitors decided to keep it in place ?

There was a phone company in the past called BlackBerry, they were once so dominant and a top player of the mobile phone manufacturers throughout the world.
But they started to make these type of decisions, they made changes and customers kept complaining and they still failed to listen to the minority of their customers and then the unhappiness with BlackBerry spread like wildfire amoung BlackBerry phone owners.
That's because they failed to listen and failed to act on the issue the customers were unhappy with.
That was the beginning of the slow death of BlackBerry and the rise and rise of Samsung where Samsung are now the biggest in Android and still the best.
Where are BlackBerry now ? ? ?
But competitors are there waiting to get the loyal Samsung phone customers and it starts with small annoying issues like this this by Samsung that will tempt many of us to look at other manufacturers phone devices.

But as you say, why do Samsung need to worry ?