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S9 security

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Hello guys,
my s7 got stolen the previous month and im thinking of getting the s9,but i have some concerns. 
So... s7 has frp (factory reset protection). That means that if someone steals the phone and tries to factory reset it the phone will still ask for my credentials. After some quick search i saw that its very easy to bypass that future. On the other hand if you steal an iphone it will always asks to connect to the cloud. You cant even jailbreak it i think (or not so easily anyway). Does samsung has a feature like that? If so why not? Wouldnt it be easy to attach an email with the phones IMEI so even if you pass the frp and manage to add a new google account somehow it would not be valid (and/or be able to still track it)?
Also it would be cool if you could not turn off or reset your phone if you havent unlocked it. Ive read that s8 does that but there isnt an on/off switch. Only 3d party apps. This is so easy to implement.
Somebody please clear this up. I hate iphones :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye:

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Superuser I

I'm more than confident that the security on my s8 phone will stop the normal person from accessing it or being able to reset it. 


My phone once refused to accept my Google credentials when I factory reset it. 

No amount of different things I tried worked to circumvent the security protocols and ended up having to visit my local Samsung Experience Store to get it reset.


Not sure how its easy to bypass as youve read. 


My s8 is also protected with a passlock,iris scan and facial recognition. 


Yes iPhone's have different security protocols and an activation lock but even that's been cracked. 


Jail breaking an iphone just let's a person access its gated off file system to allow Cydia which then allows tweaks to be downloaded. 


Samsung have very good security measures along with findmysamsung which allows a person to remotely secure the phone too if its lost or stolen if its still turned On. 


I've used iPhone's for years and as such do not have them but even after jail.btraking them they are not truly open source or allow the cusyomksation a Samsung phone provides. 


In conclusion buy the Samsung Galaxy s9 with confidence is my advice. 


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Thanks for the reply. What i meant was that for iphones you got the cloud thing going so it will always asks for you and still be able to track it. On the other hand if you bypass the frp you cant track it anymore.

Even iPhone's have their limitations.  :winking-face:


Unfortunatley most people know if they disable the phone by turning the device Off then tracking is not possible Even on iPhone's. 


I have full confidence that with the security features enabled most people wont get past them. 


Then there's another layer of security for the sim card known as a SIM pin which stops a SIM being used in another phone without first inputting a pin. 



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

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