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S8+ warranty dissatisfaction

(Topic created on: 18-03-2018 03:04 PM)
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Dear Samsung.


I've been a very loyal client since the first galaxy S. I like the great quality and I always choose leader companies in whatever I buy. Since S2, I decided to upgrade all possible appliances and now almost everything at home is Samsung!

Fridge, microwave, TV, Tablet, 3 phones for all the family etc. Everything registered on my account. Never had a problem with the quality and that's why I always rushed to buy the new galaxy evergtime it got out! Spent really thousands for the company. 


Now, my S8+ got into boot loop. First time ever I had to use my warranty (won't mention the times when my kid drowned the phone or I dropped and cracked the phone cause it has nothing to do with warranty). Anyway, at my work I travel a lot and stay for months. I happened to buy my S8+ in Greece and was told that the warranty is global mostly.


Now, after calling support in Russia,  they said to go back to Greece to fix it as the warranty doesn't work here. Well, I refused to take it as an answer and asked for someone from customer relations to call. 


The lady said she can only provide paid support and I asked a question:

-"Are you trying to tell me that I should not buy S9+ because I travel a lot?"

-"No sir, I didn't say that"

-"I gave my account I'D to your colleague for you to check all my active devices. Do you see that I am a loyal customer to your company and I always buy the top models for top money? Do you understand that I'm not asking for freebies but only a way to fix my problem that is under warranty?"

-"Sorry sir, it's clearly stated at the terms of the warranty bla bla. It's up to you if you decide not to be a customer of Samsung any more even though it will be a terrible loss for us but we cannot help you"


So, 0 fudge is given if I decide to not run and spend money for their company anymore or how much I've spent so far.

I'd really like someone from Samsung writes to me and says the exact same thing, "sorry but we don't care if you keep buying our stuff and we xdont care that you have a home that is full of Samsung devices"


I will eventually I will go to Greece and I will find a way to fix it within the warranty. But I definitely now consider other companies before I buy a new device.


PS companies like dell, Microsoft,  logitech, razer etc never ask you where you bought the product. They just provide support. Samsung is trying to find a way to throw you in the bucket before even the conversation starts.