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S8 Voice issues when aux cable plugged in

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Hey eveyone, hope someone can help.

I have and issues with my s8, when i have an aux or headphone cable plugged in voice commands don't work, unless it has a mic on the headphone cable.

So if im listening to music in the car, connected via aux 3.5 cable, voice commands have stopped working and also if any one calls while im driving they can't hear my voice but i can hear them through my cars speakers.

Its like the phone can't distinguish between an aux cable with or without a mic.  I hope this make sence, ive also check weather is debis causing but its all clean in the h/phone Jack 

@Baxton: If you're connecting to your car via aux cable then I believe it will need a built in microphone in order to pick up your voice, as the phone's mic will be disabled due to the connection. Have you tried connecting to your car via Bluetooth, if possible, to see if this helps? Alternatively, you may wish to check out a reputable third party retailer to source an aux cable/hands free kit with a built in mic.

Hey andrewL, thankyou for your message, unfortunately i don't have bluetooth in the car. The annoying thing is that this has worked fine before, its just stopped working, not sture if it was an update that stopped it or a setting that has turned off

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