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S8 Vertical White lines - Getting worse

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Hi all, 


Ive got the s8 (refurbished from giffgaff) and about a month after receiving the phone i noticed a white vertical line down the right hand side of the screen, but it wasnt obtrusive, so i paid no attention... now there are 8 lines creeping further into the middle of the screen.


I sent the phone back to giffgaff for repair, but between the first line appearing and me sending it back, i managed to cause a small crack in the top of the screen and as such my giffgaff will no longer honour the warranty (standard procedure).


Ive spoken to several peeps from samsung and been told that its the same scenario across the board, screen crack = no warranty = no repair, so i cant get the issue with the white lines fixed unless i pay 264 pounds and have the screen replaced first...


has anyone else had this problem and managed to find out what caused it, ive seen some say its the video chipset, some a loose or damaged connection from the screen to the board etc etc, but have not yet managed to find out what the definitive root cause of the problem is, so I cant even get it repaired elswhere.


Any help is greatly appreciated


also, does anyone want to buy a banjo for 264 pounds...




We're sad to hear this @Flippidydoodaa. Physical damage of any kind does invalidate the warranty we're afraid, meaning that the phone would need to be repaired to its original pristine condition before the warranty can be reinstated.




Thanks ChrisM, I appreciate that the warranty is no longer valid.

it seems ive hit a bit of a dead end in my search for the solution or cause of these lines. I think my only option now is to have the screen repaired and let giffgaff fix them. 😞



We understand your frustration, @Flippidydoodaa. Having the phone inspected by an engineer would be the only way to address the problem with the white lines.


Let us know how you get on.

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