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S8 Standard Camera app, Settings bar will not stay open long enough to change settings.

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Hi Folks,


When i open the Standard Camera App and touch the settings tab, the settings dialog only stays open for

a second and then i cannot change any settings.   S8 phone.


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I should add that i've cleared the cache and data and restarted the phone.  No cigar.


Hi there @Collins


Is the software up to date on your phone? Have you tried a Soft Reset? To do this, hold the Power button and the Volume-down button for a few seconds until your phone restarts.  Let us know if this helps! 




Thanks for the response MasukaH.


Software is up to date.   I switched the phone off and then held the Pwr/VolDown Buttons until

i saw the Samsung startup pacifier.    This did not fix this problem.

I want to make sure i understand the soft-reset procedure.


Any other ideas? Thx.


btw, i also did the Pwr/VolUp/Bixby button hold reset too.   Cleared the cache, rebooted.

Still no luck with this problem.  Oh well, guess it's a factory reset for me.

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