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S8 Smart Switch failure

(Topic created on: 12-08-2019 11:02 PM)

Hi all,


I had S8 screen burn-in issue, took my phone to an experience center last weekend. It is still covered under warranty, and I was advised to get a microSD card to backup my phone data. I bought a 64GB card from the store and one of the customer assistants/engineers backed up my data using "Smart Switch", and left the phone for repair. I went to collect it today. The screen was replaced without any issue, even they replaced the battery free of charge (Thanks Samsung, great effort so far). But when I asked for help to restore the backed-up data from the SD card (which I never touched it), another assistant said that back-up wasn't complete properly so he couldn't use "Smart Switch". He said the data is in the microSD but can't copy it to my phone because of uncomplete smart switch process. He also showed my files on his computer screen. All photos with jpg extension changed to ".jpg_" extension. He said that all these files need manual renaming, just deleting "_" suffix from the file extension, and we are talking about 16GB data. Could anyone help or advise me to restore my data?


Many thanks in advance.

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Can you confirm if smart switch was reinstalled back to the phone, please?


1. Download it from Google play store

2. Run it and tap the memory card icon in the corner

3. Tap restore


You can check some online storages for your files, hope those were auto backed up.


Thanks 🙂

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I don't think the issue is related to smart switch installation, but gave it a go, yet no luck.

I created a back up for my wife's phone (S8) to compare it with my original back up. Here are the issues I spotted:

1. All folders exist in the my back up, but most of them are empty. This is a clear sign to me that Samsung customer assistant/engineer didn't allow my phone to complete the process.
2. There are some folders with files such as contacts, but file extensions are incorrect. In my wife's back up, files have extensions with 3 letters starting with S mostly i.e "contacts.s**". However my contacts backup file has ".bk" extension. I understand that bk is temporary extension used during backup and when backup is complete, it is changed to correct extension so that "Smart Switch" can read.
3. All my media files have "_" at the end of the extension, and again my wife's photos and videos data is just fine.

There is no recent backup data that I could find in my cloud accounts (this is my fault, I know). But I trusted Samsung Customer Assistant/Engineer, since he said that the phone data was fully backed up to the micro-SD. For those who will use Samsung service, please make sure that you have your own backup before handing your phone in to a Samsung employee.

I have no hope to retrieve bk files but clearly there is still hope for jpg files.

Could anyone know any easy way to delete "_" suffix from the photo file extensions, a kind of macro, or software? At least, I can quickly retrieve my photos without going through renaming every single jpg file?