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S8 smart lock - trusted location issue




the smart lock - trusted location option is not working as it should do.

i've set up my home address as a trusted location, however, my S8 device is unlocked everywhere.

just realised this while i was in the office, that i can access my device withouth using the PIN or the fingerprint.

i've oppend the maps and the location that it shows up is correct. 2miles away from my home address.


the only workaround that i found was to turn off the trusted location, and now the device is asking for the PIN.


this is a serious security issue. the trusted location option is not that trusted :smiling-face:


any idea?




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I am having the same problem. I had an  S3 long time ago. I left Samsung & switched to LG 4 for over 3 years. I just bought a note 8, which I never had before. My trusted location will not work & the light edge is also not working correctly either. These are an issue for me since this is a brand new phone that I just paid 960.00 for. I am in within my 2 weeks period & might just return this phone for another LG if these don't get fixed ASAP. Almost not a fan of Samsung again.


Samsung is about to release S9 and this things ares nos functional on s8 yet.


Samsung.. whats about to read this topics first?]


Fix our bugs or we will not buy your new models.


My smart lock just stopped as well, going to wipe cache in a moment but saw the previous post and I agree, releasing s9 already when there still so many problems with the s8, that's c**p, my s8 still can't even do WiFi calling, been months since I switched over from the s7 which I had no problem with, and I've seen on the web and was informed by sprint the WiFi calling is a KNOWN issue Samsung is working on, I get it's a business and it's all about money, but fix stuff or don't expect customer loyalty, know I'm not going to a s9 if the s8 I paid way to much for still doesn't work


I gave up on Samsung.   Just in time to replace all major appliances in my home.  Went with LG.  Sold my S8 and got a pix...  Only thing left in the house is the 75" 4k TV.   It's good, but when I replace it, I won't buy a Samsung.    


The location accuracy is set by Google.



PRESS THE ICON IN BOTTOM RIGHT..this will bring you to your current location.


Then click MENU



then drag the pin to the correct location. And set or whatever it is..... Haven't done in  a while.


You will find, your home address is now correct. Do that for any place TRUSTED LOCATION doesn't seem to work for.



I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the location smart lock quit working.  I got it back with the following procedure from a different website:

1-Disable 'Smart Lock' in your Trust Agents under your security settings.

2-Reboot into recovery and wipe your cache.

3-Reboot into System

4-Re-enable 'Smart Lock' in your Trust Agents under your security options.


You may have re-set the location to get it to work.


I have a Galaxy S8 also.


That's such a hard n long way to do it, and will take ages sorting your whole phone out after, what I said is the easiest n quickest.


Sometimes, when you come home, your phone is still on the old cell tower, so just rebooting will sort it.


If it keeps happening, then doing what I said is far quicker n simpler and doesn't involve redoing your.whole phone n losing stuff.



Neither method fixes the issue for me, just did the remove trusted locations, wipe cache, reboot, redo the location lock, never went anywhere to throw off the GPS, in fact I just woke from a nap and still needed to unlock because the GPS had me in a lake a couple miles away, and just recentering the GPS won't work because you gotta unlock to get to it, I'm just going to tie it to a Bluetooth device in the house for the smart lock, honestly this phone is a nightmare, nothing but problems


None of the other methods worked for my phone, but FWIF the one I reported did.  By the way, wiping the cache doesn't affect anything on the phone.  The cache gets rebuilt upon reboot (perhaps unless you have a rooted phone?)



Nothing worked for mine more then a couple hours, just opened maps again and it was way off and I haven't gone anywhere all day, it took a second and popped back to where it's supposed to be, seems like the location services just aren't working with screen off now, about to pop over to cad and see if they've rooted and rommed the s8 so I can at least have a functioning phone

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