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S8 should recive project treble, so we don't wait forever for future updates


As an s8 owner and have not recived oreo update yet and its the 1st of March i feel that Samsung should add project treble, to the device so when we recive updates it don't take as long as it has this time, if they can add it to the s9  then there is no reason not to add it to the s8, or are we as s8 owners no longer as important to Samsung as s9 users , I find it ridiculous that we pay the price for a premium product and just do not get the sevice we deserve so if anyone else thinks that project treble is a good idea for the galaxy s8 let us know.



I totally agree. Its been nearly 7 months since oreo was released. Yes i know testing takes time but other companies got oreo sorted faster than Samsung launches another new phone.

Yes S8 is very expensive and i fee that we are getting a very poor standard of service. I have November Security Patch im in UK does anyone have a newer security patch? These seem to take an age too.



I am also on november security patch uk I think it's wrong


Last time I heard the Oreo rollout has been suspended due to the phone experiencing reboot issues which is why we probably havent had it yet. 


Project Treble ?


My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.

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Yes Im still on Nov security patch. It sure is disgraceful that this is the case. Say we get 8.0 this month does that include all the latest security patches upto Feb 18?


Can anyone tell us anything about us getting security updates anytime soon?


If my car mechanic m8 was this slow he would be out of business.  As many people have said other companies have got 8.0 out to phones.


If Note 8 or S7 etc gets 8.0 before S8 then that's it i send it back saying please place where sun dont shine preferrably sideways.


If it was available id have got the Engergiser phone with 16k AmH battery


AntS has responded to me yet. Have i asked unanswerable questions ?

Or are they too difficult ?

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I think they should add treble to a seperate update package and upload it online for interested users to download and use at their own risk

@Vanguard wrote:
I think they should add treble to a seperate update package and upload it online for interested users to download and use at their own risk

No I don't agree sorry. Samsung should support it regardless, we paid a premium price I expect premium support in return. Don't give them an out by saying we could install at our own risk. Samsung have f us over again.


I won't be buying another samsung if project treble isn't supported, simple as that.

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