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S8+ plus screen flicker

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Hi guys my Samsung s8+ screen flickers randomly at times is this a bug or manufacture defect?


Hey @Lighthope,


Does this happen on any app in particular or does it happen randomly across all apps? 



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Hello, I just wanted to share my experience with this bug/glitch and how I fixed it. The very next day after I bought the s8+, it started to present the flickering screen error, after a lot (I really meant a lot) of testing, either in safe mode or not, the problem persisted. a few days later I had a hunch with the network connection, and now I can confirm this problem shows up whenever the cell phone tries to connect to the gsm network, as the options in network selection are lte/wcdma/gsm in the settings, this was a kickback.. so after looking a little in the play store I found an app that allows you to select/force any type of network. After downloading it, I just selected lte/wcdma and now works perfectly.
I did select several times just the gsm network just to be sure this was the bug/glitch trigger, and indeed it is. the app itself is 4g switcher. Feel free to ask any other Q’s.

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