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S8 oreo create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen


How to create apps shortcut from secure folder to home screen in s8 oreo.........


please help.


thanks in advance.


Hi. My issue is shortcuts in general. When I updated to Oreo, all of my Firefox shortcuts on my home screen disappeared. Now, I can't add ANY shortcuts from any app to my homescreen. All of my icons are customized using Icon Changer and it's no longer working either. I actually have several apps to change icons and I've just tried them all to no avail.  Being able to customize my phone or NOT being able to customize my phone is a deal breaker for me. I used to have a Xiaomi phone and I could customize everything. I guess I'm going back to them. Samsung or Google just cut my phone off at the knees. It's one of the most important features for me and something I used several times a day. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm going to take a wild guess and day this problem extends to my secure folder as well. I wish I'd never updated.


Prior to Oreo you could also create shortcuts using an Activity and an app like More Shortcuts, but that no longer seems to work either. Is there possibly a workaround using this approach available in Oreo? I imagine there's something  since notifications can still open apps in Secure Folder. 


I really don't understand why they would take this feature out. It was a useful and time saving feature. You are now just complicating things, Samsung...


Hi Bakpu


To get the Knox folder app shortcuts to your Home screen, try this:


  1. Go into your Workspace folder.
  2. Tap onto the verticle ellipses menu, top right of the screen.
  3. Tap onto Workspace settings.
  4. Tap onto Workspace style (first option at the top of the screen).
  5. Under Hide Workspace apps, slide the option off. This will put each of the managed apps onto your apps screen (it will also still retain the Workspace folder and apps within it).
  6. From there you can tap and hold, add to the Home screen. You can also drag the app from the Home screen to your bottom favourites bar (e.g. I put mine inbetween Messages and Internet icon). 

I hope this helps?



Damien Rosario


there isnt any "workspace style" option....


After tapping onto Workspace settings in the menu, you should see the following screen with Workspace style as the first option (at least I can see it).




You can then slide off the Hide Workspace apps option to create the app shortcut icons. 



The result is something like this on your app screen:




And then you can move it to your home screen and add where ever. 




Screenshot_20180501-152235_Samsung Experience Home.jpg


If you don't see the options then maybe it's a config thing?


Hope the pictures help. 



Damien Rosario 

Has your phone been configured by an enterprise/IT admin?


are you talking about secure folder? I don't have this option.

It's the version for private, not enterprise.


No the phone in general, you tend to get these options if your phone has been configured by a workplace enterprise administrator.

yes... mine is s8 for private. Not for enterprise.
How can I get that option?
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