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S8 'notifies' me that I have files in the secure folder, I already know that


Just wondering why every so often (weekly or so) I get a notification from the secure folder telling me I have files in there. I know that, I put them there. What is it trying to tell me? I don't get the point of the notification. It's like the real world equivalent of people telling me I have grass on my lawn, or my car is in the garage, or I have some documents in my safe.


LOL! Well, it's always worth bearing in mind that not everyone is as smart, vigilant or well organised as yourself, @d4005:winking-face:


Welcome to the forums, BTW. Noticed that your posts appear to be quite detailed. You come from a tech background (professionally, or as a hobby)?

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Yes, Software Engineer. Well spotted. Maybe to get a response a shorter post would be better, but those responses would probably be questions for extra info :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye:


This notification doesn't bother me much, it only happens once a week or so. I was just confused as to what it's trying to tell me or what it wants me to do. Like I said in my analogy above ... if someone said "you've got a lawn in front of your house" you'd wonder why they said that. Are they implying I should cut it because it's too long. Are they suggesting I shouldn't have it there. Do they think I've forgotten that it's there. I think all those things when my phone tells me I've got files in the secure folder :thinking-face:

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